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Battery System

· Advanced lithiumiron phosphate battery has four major features:high safety,long cycle life, superior rate charge and discharge performance, and green and pollution-free;
· The system has high energy density and high charge-discharge conversion efficiency;
· BMS battery management system has multiple protection functions,the system is flexible and reliable, and can be expanded and upgraded;
· High modularity, simple structure, easy installation and maintenance.

Is the latest version of High voltage battery storage system provided by Tiger Century. The newly designed system provides easy connector to save valuable time for installaters.The stacking system provides flexible configurations from 96V to 384V voltage and 7.1 kWh to 24.86 kWh capacity.

Peak shaving and valley filling, through charging energy storage during valley hours and discharging energy during peak hours, reduce the electricity cost of enterprises or parks, and save electricity costs for customers.

Demand response, when the short-term power consumption is greater than the transformer capacity, the energy storage system performs rapid discharge to meet the load power demand requirements.

Dynamic capacity expansion, using energy storage equipment to replace the capacity of the voltage transformer at peak time, helps users reduce the cost of transformer use, and reduce the investment and expansion cycle of transformers.

Off-grid backup power, when the power is interrupted, provide uninterrupted short-term power supply for important loads, reducing economic losses caused by sudden power failure of the load.